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Font Remount

January 20, 2018 | By DanTheMan827 | Filed in: USB-Host, User Interface Mods.

This module will search /media/hakchi/fonts and /var/lib/hakchi/fonts for font files with the following names:

– title.fnt
– copyright.fnt
– debug.fnt
– small.fnt
– medium.fnt
– large.fnt

It comes with an extended title.fnt by default and will use that if no other is specified.

A description of the font files is as follows:

  • title.fnt
     This is the game title font
  • copyright.fnt
    This is used on the legal screen.
  • small.fnt
    This is used for the button legend and in tooltips.
  • medium.fnt
    This is used all over the UI.
  • large.fnt
     This is used for menu headings.

How to use on USB-Host:

Create a folder named “fonts” in USB:/hakchi.

Add your custom .fnt files to USB:/hakchi/fonts.

Font Remount Download Link

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