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Hakchi Hibernate Mod

January 26, 2018 | By Swingflip | Filed in: Additional Functionality.

Made by Swingflip, made possible by CompCom, art by Bslenul
To open the power menu, Hold L + R + UP on the controller at any point during play. This can be within canoe, retroarch or clover.

Standby will power the whole console to a low power mode and when woken up it will reboot the console.

Hibernate will do a “soft” power down but when woken up it will resume where you left off. (But it doesn’t save as much energy of course)

When in hibernate or standby mode….

Use L + R + UP to wake up the console… Use L + R + DOWN to shut down the console from hibernation/standby.

If you are in hibernation you can also flick the power switch to shutdown. This feature is disabled in standby otherwise you can get in a boot loop!


p.s. shout outs to the usual

Hakchi Hibernate Mod Download Link

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