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Hakchi Option Pack

January 26, 2018 | By Swingflip | Filed in: Additional Functionality.


Remote Shut Down (Shut down your mini from the comfort of your couch!)
Remote Console Reboot (As above but reboots your mini fully)
Resync Console (Resynchronise your console)
Run Nintendo’s Internal Test program (Hidden away on the mini is Nintendo’s own test program. You can now launch it from your dash!)
Dump File Structure (Dump the complete file listing for your mini along with file permissions, mount points. Also dumps your init.d and preinit.d files too!)
RertroArch Debugger (Run RetroArch in full debug mode! It dumps the standard output and errors to a log file as well as gives full file permissions to all the files within retroarch incase you have a permission problem)
Hakchi Benchmark (Run some test scripts against the mini, see the amount of disk space left, memory usage and what programs are installed in the kernel)
Hakchi Save To Nand (DanTheMan827’s script to push saves to the nand. EXPERIMENTAL haven’t tested!)
Hakchi Save To USB (As above but the other way. EXPERIMENTAL haven’t tested!)
Toggle USB Write Permissions – Fix write permission issues like writting logs to your USB by toggling on write permissions to the USB. Saves settings even after power down)

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