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Hakchi USB Tools

January 26, 2018 | By Swingflip | Filed in: Tools.

These tools should be one of the first thing you download if you are intending to use external USB storage on your nintendo mini.

It sets up any USB drive with the correct folder structure and downloads the latest stable ‘ON THE USB’ Hakchi2 to the usb stick, effectively making it a one click build. It also contains 2 batch programs to help you uninstall and re-install HMODS to make your life easier.

What does it include?
Uninstall HMODS -> creates a uninstall all file and a transfer folder in hakchi/
Re-install HMODS -> copies all of the hmods in your data/transfer_backup/ and creates a transfer folder and dumps the hmods in the transfer folder for you
Initialise USB -> Creates all the folders required for hakchi on your USB, downloads latest ‘ON THE USB’ hakchi2 and unzips it ready for use on USB. (Basically it’s a one click set up for a fresh USB)

Hakchi USB Tools Download Link


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