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Hakchi Advanced Music Hack

March 19, 2018 | By Swingflip & DanTheMan827 | Filed in: User Interface Mods.

This module will disable NES/SNES Mini’s default menu music and randomly play as much custom music you want, located on your external USB/SD drive or internal nand… Note: This is intended for USB-HOST set ups only. The reason is because each decent sized and quality WAV file is approximately 10mb. however, you can use this mod with nand if you want.

Note if you are wanting to add your own music files, 44.1khz, 16 bit, mono (@ 705kpbs) is the format of default console sound files so if you want to make sure your music works this is a good format to set it to.

Hakchi Advanced Music Hack Download Link

4 comments on “Hakchi Advanced Music Hack

  1. Robert Dwyne says:

    Hi 😀
    I’ve been playing around with this mod but I can’t seem to find where I put the music files if I don’t have a USB-Host setup. If you have any answers, I’d greatly appreciate hearing them.
    Thanks heaps! 😀

    • Swingflip says:

      Hey. You will need to ftp your music here:


      If the folders don’t exist then create them.

      Your music files should look like:

      Be warned. WAV files are relatively large (approx 10mb for a decent quality long one) if you intend on using multiple wavs make sure you compress them so you don’t use up too much space.

      • Robert Dwyne says:

        Okay, thanks a lot!
        I tend to only keep a couple of games that I’m playing on it at a time, so it should be all good.

      • Robert Dwyne says:

        Just got around to hacking it, but I can’t find the var/lib directories. Instead, it’s just desktop/hakchi2.
        Any ideas?