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Sfrom Tool

March 20, 2018 | By DarkAkuma | Filed in: Tools.

This is a tool for creating .sfrom format files from normal .smc/.sfc game ROMs, for use with the SNES Classic emulator (canoe).

This program aims to make .sfrom’s as close to 100% accurate as possible, both in terms of byte values/locations and supporting PCM audio/SDA graphics.

Nintendo’s canoe emulator is very picky compared to most typical emulators. It requires very specific versions of ROMs, and unique game specific settings that need to be set when the .sfrom is created. So below is a list of “.cnp” patches, a unique patch format created specifically for sfrom Tool. These patches do more than .ips patches in that they also support patching in PCM/SDA data to the .sfrom, and provide the settings for the .sfrom in addition to patching the game ROM.

Robin64’s Un-Offcial SFROM Tool Database Extension and Canoe Patches

Sfrom Tool Download Link


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