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Hakchi cURL with Speedtest

May 5, 2018 | By Swingflip | Filed in: Additional Functionality.


What is the mod?

This mod contains cURL, bc and a simple speedtester app. The main purpose of cURL is so we can create our own webservice clients on the (S)NESC. You can now easily create your own client using bash and cURL.

When running cURL, the 30 minute idle shutdown is removed from the console and the internal system clock is resynced with the internet.

If you want you want to test your internet connection on your mini all you need to do is run:


It will echo out your average download speed.

Obviously you require your (S)NESC to be network enabled.

Any questions, just ask on the Hakchi Resources discord.

Hakchi cURL with Speedtest Download Link

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