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RetroArch Neo 1.7.3a

May 7, 2018 | By 'The Other Guys' | Filed in: Retroarch.


What’s new in this release?

  • Built with preconfigured network and achievement support. (As soon as network connection is available, network and achievements are enabled.)
  • New RetroArch binary 1.7.3 (completely overhauled audio mixer)
  • Few RA bug fixes
  • Default GUI is now changed to XMB with the purpose of using network and achievements.
  • A few mapping issues Fixed for keyboard to gamepad
  • Saves mame config properly (dip switches, etc.)
  • Optimizations to avoid to many writes on NAND
  • Boot sequence optimised
  • Doom and Quake splash screen bug fixed.

Network Support and Retro Achievement support

In this build we tried to tailor it around the recent addition of the wifi network mod. If you have wifi enabled, the achievements and net play are automatically enabled.

The achievements are currently hooked up to a global public bucket account. You can either disable achievements or create your own account with RetroAchivements and put your own details in.

RetroArch Neo 1.7.3a Download Link

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