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Desmume 2015 RetroArch Core – Hakchi Resources

Desmume 2015 RetroArch Core

May 31, 2018 | By Libretro | Filed in: Retroarch Cores.


=== Nintedo DS Core for RetroArch ===

Port of Nintendo DS/Desmume 2015 to libretro

Module adds support for the Nintendo DS

Please note that this is more of a tech demo. Very few games will be play well with this core and because of such should be considered as something to play around with.

Available executables and arguments to run Core:

  • /bin/desmume

  • /bin/nds

Core by libretro

Assembly and testing by Team Hakchi Resources + MadMonkey

Hakchi module system by madmonkey

NES/SNES Mini shell integration by Cluster

(c) 2016-2018

Desmume 2015 RetroArch Core Download Link


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