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Options Menu v1.2 (Deluxe) (NES build)

June 6, 2018 | By CompCom | Filed in: Additional Functionality.


 This build sets the inital button combo to B + Down for NESC controllers!

The Options Menu is a custom menu that can be launched via a controller button combo at any point during the console’s operation. It features a variety of commands to enhance the user experience of the console.

The options menu is easily extendible, allowing for other developers to add their own custom commands to the menu via hmods.

Update 6th June 2018

Here is the latest update of my options menu.

The source code for this mod has now been released on github as well. You can install this update directly over any previous version you do not need to uninstall the old version or any hotfixes before updating.


  • Fixed RA Settings Backup

  • Added BsLeNuL’s bios commands

  • Added Network commands by Advokaten and DefKorns

Options Menu v1.2 (Deluxe) (NES build) Download Link

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