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Save Compression Mod

June 6, 2018 | By CompCom | Filed in: Additional Functionality.


This module compresses save states created by the canoe emulator. Upon installing this module all existing canoe save states will be compressed. The module will automatically compress each canoe save state on creation. The module can be installed along side retroarch although it will not compress retroarch saves. Uninstalling this mod will NOT decompress save states. To decompress save states you must telnet into your device and run “decompress-canoe-saves”.

As this module modifies your files you agree to use the module at your own risk and that I am not responsible for any issues, damages, errors, loss of saves.etc. *** Backup your save states before using this mod. *** *** Requires Hakchi 2.21b or later ****

Thanks to bewilderedthetan and Loafdude. Extra thanks to Loafdude for game sync fix suggestion and compress-all code. Thanks to the authors of p7zip (http://sourceforge.net/projects/p7zip/) for 7zip compression. version 1.2

Save Compression Mod Download Link

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