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UAE4ARM RetroArch Core

June 6, 2018 | By Libretro | Filed in: Retroarch Cores.


I had this core built and lying about and it's to my understanding that this core works the same way the current P-UAE core does. ( I also did some low level tests to ensure it worked)

(Reference here: https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/Amiga)

This being the case I put it up on the site/modstore for people to try out for themselves and see if they get better results with it compared to the other core.

This core is more limited in flexibility but makes up for it with the dynamic recompiling so it will increase FPS.

The other reason for getting this core out is for people to give feedback on it because I am currently in the process of redoing the Amiga cores to work differently within the mini to eliminate the need for complicated set up.

The more end user feedback I get regarding the two cores the better solution I can provide

So yeah. Consider it as a Pre-Release however the core should function the same way.

I should have a definitive update for the core within the next 24 hours which should help everyone out.

=== UAE4ARM Core for RetroArch ===

Module adds support for Commodore Amiga

Available executables and arguments to run Core: – /bin/uae4arm

Core by libretro

Hakchi module system by madmonkey

NES/SNES Mini shell integration by Cluster

(c) 2016-2018

UAE4ARM RetroArch Core Download Link


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