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Hakchi Wolfenstein 3D (Full Retail version)

June 22, 2018 | By Swingflip, MadMonkey, CompCom | Filed in: Games.


This is Hakchi Wolfenstein 3D! Completely standalone vanilla port of the original Wolfenstein for your Nintendo Classic!

Just download, install, copy the retail files over and shoot some Nazis! (No Retroarch required)

How to Use:

  • Make sure you have Hakchi CE installed on your mini
  • Download the Hakchi Wolfenstein 3D (Full Retail version) zip
  • Copy the game files (.wl6) to CLV-Z-HAKCHI_WOLF/WOLF_3D_files
  • Drag the zip over to Hakchi CE and export/sync it to your mini.
  • Shoot Nazis…

The retail files you require are named below (case sensitive!):

- audiohed.wl6 
- audiot.wl6 
- gamemaps.wl6 
- maphead.wl6 
- vgadict.wl6
- vgagraph.wl6
- vgahead.wl6 
- vswap.wl6

Fully compatible with Nintendo controllers.

Hakchi Wolfenstein 3D (Full Retail version) Download Link

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One comment on “Hakchi Wolfenstein 3D (Full Retail version)

  1. Sumea says:

    I noticed that the files MUST be in lowercase. For example. files for Wolf 3D that you get with a steam purchase are in original all caps filenames and those will not register if not renamed to lowercase. Aside C7 error if the game is exited with the reset button instead of built in exit feature, the port is great.