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June 27, 2018 | By madmonkey1907 and bslenul | Filed in: Games.


More infos about ECWolf here: http://maniacsvault.net/ecwolf/

Basically it offers better input configuration, support multiple games (Wolf3D, Spear of Destiny + Mission 2 and 3, Super 3D Noah’s Ark), a really useful map overlay, etc.

ECWolf was ported to the SNESC by the awesome madmonkey1907, I just bundled the binary file, added a default config and added the game selection screen. So if there’s any problem with that, blame me, not him! 😀


OK so, how does it work?

  • Game is bundled with Wolfenstein 3D shareware (*.WL1 files). If that’s fine with you just add the .7z file to hakchi2 and sync/export!
  • If you want to add more games: open the game folder after adding it to hakchi2 (right click > Show in Windows Explorer, or just navigate to \hakchi2\games_snes\CLV-Z-ECWOLF) and go to the ecwolf folder. Place your game files here (*.WL6, *.SOD, *.N3D, etc.), read the README.TXT I included in the folder or check this short video: https://youtu.be/EEPezScuwtw
  • If you added every games, your folder should look like this: https://i.imgur.com/vzPOKzm.png
  • Starting the game by pressing A button will start the last game you played.
  • Starting the game by holding Start button will display the game selection screen, just hold the corresponding button to start the game of your choice!
  • Game selection screen in action: https://youtu.be/s9vLpB8b5Ec
    (note that I would have loved to be able to include some sort of real menu selection with arrow, etc. but thats waaaaay beyond my skill level :p)
  • Feel free to play with the options (resolution, automap, controls, etc.), if you mess it up just hold Y button on the game selection screen to revert to the default one I made 😉

Default mapping on a SNESC controller:

  • B to shoot.
  • A to use/open doors.
  • X to swap weapon.
  • Y to run.
  • L/R to strafe.
  • Select to display the map overlay.
  • Start to open the ingame menu.

Mods support

  • Havent dig too much into this atm so it’s not super user-friendly…
  • Add your *.pk3 mod into the ecwolf folder.
  • Edit ecwolf.sh with Notepad++.
  • At the end of line 29 add the filename of your pk3 mod like this: exec "./$name" --data "${gamefile#*.}" name_of_the_mod.pk3.
  • Do the same for line 35: exec "./$name" name_of_the_mod.pk3.
  • For example with this mod:
    -put ECWolf_hdpack.pk3 in \CLV-Z-ECWOLF\ecwolf.
    -edit the lines 29 and 35 from \CLV-Z-ECWOLF\ecwolf.sh so it looks like this: exec "./$name" --data "${gamefile#*.}" ECWolf_hdpack.pk3 and exec "./$name" ECWolf_hdpack.pk3.
    -it was made for Wolf3D and SOD, so it will mess Super 3D Noah’s Ark sprites (e.g. you’ll have a gun instead of the slingshot).

ECWolf Download Link

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