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Prince of Persia (SDLPoP)

June 27, 2018 | By madmonkey1907 | Filed in: Games.


SNESC version of SDLPoP, ported by madmonkey!

  • Open hakchi2.
  • Click add game and select the .7z file, or drag and drop to hakchi2. Or just download from the Mod Store 🙂
  • Sync/export.
  • Enjoy some good old Prince of Persia with save state and widescreen support + a ton of additional graphical and gameplay tweaks (some of them requires a keyboard tho)!

Game is included (it’s an abandonware, no worries).

Prince of Persia (SDLPoP) Download Link

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2 comments on “Prince of Persia (SDLPoP)

  1. M Bakker says:

    Configuration file not working for me, my settings are not being saved. For example time limit = -1, does not work and resets to 60 after restart
    Hakchi CE 1.2.5 USB HOST, KMFDcores date 6-19