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Hakchi Memory Boost

August 11, 2018 | By Swingflip | Filed in: Additional Functionality.


Hakchi Memory Booster

This module will boost your available memory on your console by creating and enabling a swap file on your USB/SD!

The main benefit of this mod is that it will fix and prevent numerous high end games crashing due to lack of memory (i.e. N64 and PSX games.) or cores/apps with memory leakage.

For example… Without the memory booster, Star Fox 64 will crash everytime you complete a level due to lack of memory, with the booster it provides a big 256mb buffer (by default) to allow the game to continue as normal. Usually without any visual impact to end user.

Without the booster, Mario Kart 64 on idle will crash after about 40 minutes of game play…. With the memory booster we have ran Mario Kart64 on the same console for well over 6.30 hours!

Please Note: It is highly recommended that you use the latest RetroArch Neo from the modstore or Hakchi Resources website due to the performance and stability fixes it contains!

How to use

  1. Make sure you have either a USB or SD card plugged into your mini so (/media) is mounted. (By default, this mod will take up 256mb of space on the USB/SD!)
  2. Install the Hakchi Memory Booster via Hakchi CE.
  3. On first boot after install it will set up the memory boost (1 time only) and it will display the progress to the TV.
  4. Once complete it will enable and you are good to go! You can browse to your USB/SD and look for the MemoryBoost.swap file to ensure it worked ok.

You can get further support at the support channel at the discord here: Hakchi Resources Discord

Hakchi Memory Boost Download Link

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