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RetroArch ‘Neo’ 1.7.4a

September 20, 2018 | By 'The Other Guys' | Filed in: Retroarch.



1.7.4a – September 2018

  • Compiled RA binary to 1.7.4 release (Not much difference 1.7.3b)
  • Added Compression support for compressed cores (You can run KM cores aswell as normal cores now)

1.7.3b – July 2018

Please note: We have removed the extension renaming so new saves for certain cores are not backwards compatible with old RA versions

Please note: NES cores are no longer bundled with RA. You will need to download them seperately from https://hakchiresources.com or the ModStore

Please note: Standalone RetroArch Saves will be located in your saves under CLV-RETROARCH

  • Huge amount of optimisation and streamlining reduced deployed package size by over half! (Complete RA now only ~5mb compared to ~12mb)
  • RA Saves and savestates fully functional and working for all cores (that support them!)
  • Launching RetroArch standalone now fully functional and working. Saves also supported.
  • Switching roms within RetroArch standalone now supports saving.
  • Stability fixes for intensive cores (N64, PSX) reducing the risk of C8 crashing.
  • Added ability to now download and update cores directly from the RA menu via HakchiCloud!
  • Added network storage support. You can now play entire rom sets and media directly from your networked drives!
  • Playlist support now implemented. Add thousands of roms to your RetroArch GUI with boxart and thumbnails and launch the roms directly from the GUI (No GUI limit!)
  • New layout look
  • Saving mechanism reworked, better functionality and Hakchi Save Manager support.
  • Loading and shutting down of RetroArch times reduced via optimisation.
  • Fixed occasional C8 errors when launching RetroArch directly
  • Holding R now enables bezel mode per core instead of individual games
  • Numerous bug fixes

1.7.3a – May 2018

  • Built with preconfigured network and achievement support. (As soon as network connection is available, network and achievements are enabled.)
  • New RetroArch binary 1.7.3 (completely overhauled audio mixer)
  • Few RA bug fixes
  • Default GUI is now changed to XMB with the purpose of using network and achievements.
  • A few mapping issues Fixed for keyboard to gamepad
  • Saves mame config properly (dip switches, etc.)
  • Optimizations to avoid to many writes on NAND
  • Boot sequence optimised
  • Doom and Quake splash screen bug fixed.

RetroArch and Retroarch Cores by libretro

Hakchi RetroArch Neo main development by Swingflip, Bslenul and CompCom

Hakchi by MadMonkey

Special thanks to Team Hakchi Resources, Team Shinkansen and MadMonkey


(c) 2016-2018

RetroArch ‘Neo’ 1.7.4a Download Link

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