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September 22, 2018 | By Swingflip | Filed in: Games.


This is Hakchi BRUTAL DOOM. Just download the zip, click and drag into your Hakchi, add your game WAD and shoot stuff. This is a complete from the ground up and uses our port of the ZDOOM game engine and doesn’t require RetroArch.

Click below for Patton Play’s how to and overview video:

How to Use:

  • Make sure you have Hakchi CE installed
  • Download the Hakchi BRUTAL DOOM zip
  • Drag the zip over to Hakchi CE and export/sync it to your mini.
  • Add game wad to the zDOOM_files folder (i.e. doom1.wad or doom2.wad)
  • Shoot stuff.

By default, Hakchi ZDOOM will attempt to load doom.wad (Doom 1 retail) unless instructed otherwise.

The possible commandline arguments are the following:

--reset-config #Resets to stock bundled zdoom.ini
--force-IDKFA-OST #Force load of IDKFA OST
--show-fps #Display FPS in top right
--show-pos #Show player position in HUD
--mp-name #Set user's player name for MP
--load-base-WAD #Load specific base WAD i.e. ( --load-base-WAD doom2.wad )

This game is intended for USB/SD use only. You technically can run this on NAND if you remove the IDKFAv2.wad (OST) from the doom files however it will still take up approximately 50mb. You have been warned!

Doom is copyright of ID Software

ZDOOM is powered by FMOD Sound System, Copyright Firelight Technologies PTY, LTD. 1994-2011

ZDOOM by Randy Heit, Christoph Oelckers, Draden Obzrzut, Rachael Alexanderson, Magnus Norddakl

Brutal Doom by Sergeant Mark IV

IDKFA Soundtrack By Andrew Hulshult

Hakchi ZDOOM Port and Hakchi BRUTAL DOOM by Swingflip, CompCom and Team Hakchi Resources.

(Hakchi ZDOOM and Hakchi BRUTAL DOOM is a fan based port and has no official affiliation to ID Software or other parties)

Hakchi BRUTAL DOOM Download Link

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3 comments on “Hakchi BRUTAL DOOM

  1. Nintendo™ Enduser® says:

    I love it! Its awesome to play the games again from my young years again. Thank you for bringing this to the SNESC 🙂

  2. Arma says:

    Hello. This is the greatest game we can have on SNES mini ! Congratulations for that port.
    Is there a chance you upgrade it to Brutal Doom v21 that is now out ?
    Another question is about the controls. Is it possible to play with the stock SNES mini controlers ? Right now I can move, strafe and fire but nothing more (can’t use to open a door or activate a switch). Is this a limitation of the default controler or can I remap buttons ? If yes how ?

  3. Arma says:

    Is there a way to create multiple entries in hakchi so I can launch Brutal Doom with either doom 1 or doom 2 ?
    Unfortunately I can only have one at a time and need to change command line (and have a computer at hand) to swith from one was to another.
    Thank you