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October 9, 2018 | By MadMonkey | Filed in: Experimental.


Warning! This mod is flagged as experimental!

Please note that any mod downloaded from the experimental tab is used at your own risk and HakchiResources and it’s third parties will not accept any responsibility for any damage to your console or save data etc. These Experimental downloads are provided directly from multiple development resources and in some cases are not fully tested. Please use caution and use at your own risk!

NC server for Linux framebuffer devices.

Build Status

The goal is to check remote embedded Linux systems without X, so only the remote display is implemented. (no input, no file transfer,..)

The code is based on a LibVNC example for Android: https://github.com/LibVNC/libvncserver/blob/master/examples/androidvncserver.c

All input handling was removed, command-line parameters port and fbdev were added. 32 bit color support was added.


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