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DraStic (Standalone Emulator)

November 19, 2018 | By Exophase | Filed in: Additional Functionality.


DraStic Nintendo DS emulator by Exophase ([email protected])

Mini Classics Execution and Optimization by madmonkey/DanTheMan827/KMFDManic

DraStic is a uniquely “Special” emulator that is capable of running “full speed ahead” on both RetroPie/Mini Classics, which share roughly the same Architectures. “Special” is the key word here, as Exophase was gracious enough to make the conscious decision to have his Paid App available due to the lack thereof economic viability as far as these platforms are concerned. If you would like to show your support for this amazing emulator, purchase the Android Paid Version for the mere price point of $5 USD, whether or not you have an Android Device, simply to show thanks!


Available executables and arguments to run Core:
– /bin/drastic

Control Mapping
The Nintendo DS buttons are mapped 1:1 to the SNES controller.

The hinge can be “closed” by turning off the classic with the power switch or button (it won’t shut down)

Classic controller in port 1 – Move the stylus with the left analog – Press the stylus with ZL – Toggle full-screen with ZR

Any controller in port 2 – Move the stylus with the d-pad – Press the stylus with A – Toggle fullscreen with start – Swap screens with select – Toggle horizontal/vertical screen arrangement with B

Configuration Menu
You can access the drastic configuration menu by holding the reset button for more than 1 second.

sunxi-watchdog by DanTheMan827 with portions by CompCom
Hakchi module system by madmonkey
Hakchi CE by Team Shinkansen (DanTheMan827/princess_daphie/skogaby/madmonkey)

(c) 2016-20xx

-- FAQ --

Q: Do I need a Pandora with 512MB of RAM to run DraStic?
A: No. However, there is one caveat (and this can just as well apply to the
   512MB versions) - if you're running a compressed ROM the uncompressed file
   needs to fit in memory. Compressed ROMs 128MB (original size, not compressed)
   and smaller should work on a 256MB Pandora. 256MB will fail, but should be
   okay on a 512MB Pandora. 512MB zipped ROMs won't work on anything.

   It _may_ be possible to alleviate this requirement if you use a swap drive,
   which also _may_ be fast enough; I haven't tested it so I can't confirm or
   deny this.

   As of version 2.1.6a it's also possible to allow the emulator to temporarily
   uncompress ROMs to storage.

Q: Do I need a 1GHz Pandora to run DraStic?
A: No, but of course it will help, as will overclocking whatever you do have.

Q: Why are so few games fullspeed?
A: As of version 2.0p a lot more games should run full speed with moderate
   frameskip on a 1GHz Pandora (especially if overclocked to 1.1-1.2GHz). Of
   course some games are still too demanding for Pandora.

Q: How much can the performance situation improve?
A: There should continue to be optimizations in the future, but probably nothing as
   dramatic as the shift brought forth by 2.0p, except maybe for some games that
   have really specific serious performance problems.

Q: Why not use OpenGL ES hardware to help with the 3D engine emulation?
A: This has a lot of compatibility problems since the DS's 3D engine is so
   weird, plus has its own implications for performance because of how it
   mixes 2D and 3D engine output (getting framebuffer data back is slow).
   Pandora's GPU isn't very strong anyway, and DS emulation would need some
   heavy fragment shaders.

Q: Will there be any better screen orientation options?
A: 1x + 2x is implemented now. I'd like to add an option to have a configurable
   gap between vertical oriented screens (since a lot of DS games are designed
   around this), but this will cut into how much the screens can be scaled.
   We'd like to add an option to rotate the screen too, but this won't be ready
   until a later version.

Q: What about an option to take up the entire screen?
A: There's code for this but I haven't enabled it because with two screens on
   it's extremely distorting, and with one screen on it doesn't make a big
   difference. I may reconsider if there's strong demand.

Q: Will you add cheat support?
A: It's added as of version

Q: What about DLDI support?
A: It's added as of version, although it's bare bones and requires some
   external work to setup. See the DLDI section.

Q: What about wifi support?
A: Wifi emulation is very complex to implement. Lordus and I are currently
   experimenting with ways to implement it. Bear in mind that Nintendo is
   shutting down their servers soon, so if we ever get emulation it may only
   be useful for so-called "NiFi", that is, emulating DSes communicating
   with each other directly when in close proximity. There are no promises
   that we'll ever support anything, only that if support is added to the
   Android version it'll also be available in the Pandora version, and we'd
   try to allow interoperability between the two.

   Right now it should be "working" enough so that games don't hang or give
   errors while trying to access it.

Q: What should I do to report a bug?
A: Report it on the Pandora forums (http://boards.openpandora.org). There will
   probably be a thread for this. Don't e-mail or PM me unless you absolutely
   can't post there - if you keep this public other people may be able to help.

   The most important first step in reporting bugs is being able to reproduce
   them. This will usually involve loading a savestate and performing some steps
   until it happens, then specifying those steps in the report.

   As of version, a file called input_capture_crash.ir is created in
   appdata/DraStic if the emulator crashes. This contains an input record which
   may help is in reproducing and fixing the crash - if you have this file
   please send it to me when reporting a crash bug.

Q: Is there a compatibility list somewhere?
A: Yes, see here:
   (it doesn't seem that well maintained anymore, though)

Q: Where's the source code?
A: DraStic is closed source for the foreseeable future. It's not violating
   any licenses. If you want the source code for some reason send me an e-mail
   and I will consider it, depending on what you want it for and how trustworthy
   you seem.

Q: Why does DraStic need BIOS files? Other DS emulators don't need them.
A: It doesn't as of version 2.1.3p, since it comes bundled with alternatives.
   This isn't high level emulation but BIOS replacements written by us. But if
   the Nintendo BIOS files are present they will still be used. Please let us
   know if you find a compatability problem that requires them, so we can fix
   our BIOS.

   The firmware is also no longer strictly necessary as of version 2.1.0p,
   but if you have problems you can still use one downloaded from a real DS.

   You can use this homebrew program to dump the BIOS and firmware files if you
   have a flash cart:

   http://library.dev-scene.com/index.php?dir=DS/Hardware (Firmware) 07/DSBF dump/

   Note that as of version 2.1.0p your settings will always be taken from the
   emulator's internal firmware settings and not from the firmware. I might
   release a program to convert DS firmware settings to DraStic's configuration
   file if there's a lot of demand.

Q: Are you going to release this for other platforms?
A: The Android version is now out as of August 7, 2013, and is something we've
   been heavily focusing on improving. This is a joint effort between me
   (Exophase) and Lordus, so it has some features that the Pandora version
   doesn't (since I didn't implement them); then again, the Pandora version may
   also have a unique feature or two of its own.

   I'd like for there to be an iOS version one day but this is a little muddled
   right now.

Q: Will DraStic cost money?
A: The Pandora version will remain free. Other ports vary. The Android version
   currently costs $5.99 USD and comparable prices in other countries.

-- Credits & Thanks --

Lordus    - Work on Android version, unarchive code, testing and ideas
notaz     - Invaluable coding help and testing
Slaeshjag - Testing and coding help, and some nice demo videos
Normmatt  - Lots of help with cheat codes and other stuff
Neelix    - Hardcore beta tester
Tensuke   - logo #1
felix20   - logo #2
AsHperson - Beta tester and big help with support
JayHaru   - Beta tester and big help with support
beeflot   - Beta tester and Chinese specialist
Kaikun    - Beta testing

DraStic (Standalone Emulator) Download Link

2 comments on “DraStic (Standalone Emulator)

  1. Anubus says:

    With the exception of exiting the emulator. It works flawlessly. When you exit the emulator with the button combo. It goes to a differant screen that isn’t retroarch. Everything appears corrupt. Did factory reset everything back to normal again!