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Hakchi2 CE ‘Community Edition’ V3.5.2

November 26, 2018 | By Team Shinkansen | Filed in: Hakchi Application Tool.


This release includes some bugfixes that were reported in 3.5.1 and a new “Save dmesg output” menu item.

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    Delete extracted hmod files if downloading a compressed version

    Add "Save dmesg output" menu item
    Fix for importing multi-track cue files with a single data file

Hakchi2 CE ‘Community Edition’ V3.5.2 Download Link

2 comments on “Hakchi2 CE ‘Community Edition’ V3.5.2

  1. Eric McTrainshit says:

    “This release includes some bugfixes that were reported in 3.5.1”

    Where could I read about these bugs and file them myself?

    Also, has anybody else been experiencing SD-Related issues since the 3.5.0 update? I updated it with an NES Classic and it’s been pretty wonky with SD since then. Like, if I have an SD card inserted, it’s powering on with no video and I have to cut power to turn it off.
    It seems to work fine without an SD-Card, though.

    I’ve tried doing a factory reset and uninstalling Hakchi and even tried formatting different cards to different types of filesystems, but am experiencing the same results.

    • DNA64 says:

      The official bug report submissions can be found here, though people also report bugs through Reddit and Discord, so you may not find all the bug reports on there.

      I personally use an SD Card myself and don’t have any issues, from my experience though it sounds like you may have a bad connection somewhere which can cause this exact issue (It could be solder related or the detection pin).

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