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Hakchi2 CE ‘Community Edition’ V3.5.2

November 26, 2018 | By Team Shinkansen | Filed in: Hakchi Application Tool.


This release includes some bugfixes that were reported in 3.5.1 and a new “Save dmesg output” menu item.

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    Delete extracted hmod files if downloading a compressed version

    Add "Save dmesg output" menu item
    Fix for importing multi-track cue files with a single data file

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6 comments on “Hakchi2 CE ‘Community Edition’ V3.5.2

  1. Eric McTrainshit says:

    “This release includes some bugfixes that were reported in 3.5.1”

    Where could I read about these bugs and file them myself?

    Also, has anybody else been experiencing SD-Related issues since the 3.5.0 update? I updated it with an NES Classic and it’s been pretty wonky with SD since then. Like, if I have an SD card inserted, it’s powering on with no video and I have to cut power to turn it off.
    It seems to work fine without an SD-Card, though.

    I’ve tried doing a factory reset and uninstalling Hakchi and even tried formatting different cards to different types of filesystems, but am experiencing the same results.

    • DNA64 says:

      The official bug report submissions can be found here, though people also report bugs through Reddit and Discord, so you may not find all the bug reports on there.

      I personally use an SD Card myself and don’t have any issues, from my experience though it sounds like you may have a bad connection somewhere which can cause this exact issue (It could be solder related or the detection pin).

      • Eric McTrainshit says:

        I know the comments aren’t a support forum or anything, so I hope you don’t mind if I follow up your reply with yet another reply.

        I’ve double-checked to see if there was a cold joint anywhere and discovered that everything checks out and also used Echo10’s super storage to keep things extra clean as this is to be a gift for somebody, but it’s still acting weird with the SD-Card installed. If I have it at factory settings with the card inserted, it boots fine, but once I flash Hakchi and the SD-Uboot, the only way I’ve been able to get it working from the SD-Card is to power it on with no card then insert the card and something else (I forgot) through Hakchi CE and once it restarts, it’ll detect the card and run fine… until I power it off.

        Does this issue ring any bells and are there any fixes that might be worth trying?

  2. Paul says:

    Is there any way to run this without the debug window?

    • DNA64 says:

      Better late then never. For anyone else that maybe wondering this, or vice versa, simply use the release version (hakchi2-ce-3.5.2-release.zip
      ) instead of the debug version (hakchi2-ce-3.5.2-debug.zip

  3. Henrique says:

    This version works on linux?