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Hakchi Resources Donation page

We have been asked numerous times to put up a donation page so you guys can help us out with things like server costs so we put up a PayPal donation page for Hakchi Resources. All proceeds will go towards covering server costs for the website and hakchiCloud. Any other funds will go towards buying each member of the team a cold beer and finally, any left over pennies will go into a slush fund to help fund equipment and tools to help the developers develop more things for the community.

Please don’t feel compelled to donate, however if you want to help us out we would greatly appreciate any size donation to the effort!

Running Costs

Current monthly costs to me (Swingflip) are ( 28,76 Euros + $71.99 = $105.67 monthly cost) This is for HR, Modstore and Hakchi Cloud dev. I plan to cut out the $71.99 when I migrate fully however this is to give you full disclosure on the running costs as they stand. I will update this figure if the costs go up/down.

Benefits from donating

We have set up a supporter rank in our discord channel and a private supporter lounge within our Hakchi Resources discord. The supporter discord channel will be exclusive for donators, testers, team HR and developers. You can discuss anything you want and have direct uninterrupted with the devs and team. Prototype test programs, ports and beta releases will be posted in the supporter lounge for you to try out and we will look to post pre-releases in there before they are made available to the public.

To qualify for the supporter rank and access to the private supporter lounge, any single donation of $5 or above will qualify you for the rank. Please ensure once you have made the donation to include your discord username in the donation message if you wish to be given the rank. If you wish to remain anonymous then don’t worry!

(I will be processing these manually so please bare with or message a member of the Team if your rank hasn’t been processed. Final note, the admins reserve the right to remove supporter rank for any insubordination or breaking of the discord rules)

Please note that Hakchi has always been free and will always remain free!


Swingflip + Team Hakchi Resources.

(The currency is in American Dollars)